Go "Green" with Dinuba House Movers, Inc. When you take part in a house moving or raising project, you are helping to preserve our history, as well contributing to a eco-friendly world.

   Founded in 1937 and incorporated in 1996, Dinuba House Movers, Inc., is a professional corporation proudly serving California's Central Valley and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on our client relations and in delivering services in a professional manner consistent with each project and it's client's concerns. Our history and experience of over 80 years provides confidence and reliability with a name you can trust. 

   Rick Ellison, owner and operator of Dinuba House Movers, Inc., is a third generation house mover. Rick worked as a construction superintendent for 5 years before he began to work for Alvin Dick, the previous owner of DHM. After working for Alvin for nine years, he and his wife Andrea, Alvin's daughter, bought DHM in 1995. The first house mover in the family was Alvin's father, Jacob Dick, who founded the company in 1937. Before the 1960's, it was commonplace to raise up houses by using manual jacks with no help from today's unified hydraulics. Today's modern hydraulic systems help to make the process of raising and lowering a building much quicker and safer.

   As a licensed company, Dinuba House Movers, Inc. proudly provides its services to the Central Valley and surrounding areas. Our services include Structural Relocations, Heavy Hauling, Foundation Design and Installation, Property Line Adjustments, and Structure Raising. We offer free estimates for any job and and are ready to hear from you today!



How much will it cost?

Each job is unique, and while we can provide initial pricing quotes, the final rate is determined after a thorough review taking into account the varying dynamics that impact the overall cost of the move.


  • Structural makeup: What type of structure, such as a frame home, brick veneer, solid masonry, a pole barn, or a steel building.


  • Location: Is your structure in a remote, wooded area or in the mountains? Or is it in a subdivision, in an urban setting, on a flat plain or on the side of a hill?


  • Work type: Whether it be a full structural move, elevating a home to provide foundation repair, raising a home out of flood plains, or leveling/shoring a structure.


Give us a call to find out how affordably we can take care of your structural needs.


How far can a building be moved?

  • This depends on the type of building and which part of the state the building is located in. In most cases, after a permit is obtained, the building can be moved with proper supervision and standby equipment. When moving a building over one and a half stories high, utility wires may have to be raised which increases the moving price according to the wires involved.

What are the reasons you move buildings or houses?

  • Structures are moved for all kinds of reasons – because they sit on land that is being developed, are historically significant, or fall in the path of highways, railroads, reservoirs, or urban renewal. Sometimes a move is made to rescue a structure and relocate it to an area where its value is increased.

Does relocating a building, house, or structure harm its integrity?

  •  When you use a skilled and experienced mover, like Dinuba House Movers, Inc., who has the knowledge and very best of equipment, there is little-to-no risk of harming your structure’s integrity. We take every precaution to ensure that your house or building is moved with the utmost care and precision. Contact us today to learn more.

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