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   Dinuba House Movers has delivered the highest level of service in our field since 1937, and to this day strives to keep that reputation. We specialize in Commercial/Residential Relocation, Structure Hauling, Structure Raising, Foundation Design and Installation, Eco-Friendly Services, and Licensed Contracting. We use modern hydraulic systems in safe and efficient environments while offering greater affordability and reliable service in our field.



   Dinuba House Movers has been relocating houses, business buildings, historical buildings, and more since 1937. Whether it is 50 feet or 50 miles, DHM has the experience and expertise to do the job and get it done in a proffessional, safe, and timely manner. 


     DHM not only has moved buildings but also metal structures, airplanes, pools, bleachers, and more! Whatever the job may be, DHM has the experience and tools to get the job done.


   In addition to raising and relocating struc-tures, Dinuba House Movers con-

veniently provides foundation design and installation services. Whether your foundantion needs an update or a brand new one needs to be poured, DHM is happy to coordinate raising, moving, and foundation projects.


  DHM uses a unified hydraulic jacking system to provide for the safest, most efficient commercial and residential structural moving.


    Dinuba House Movers' slogan is "SAVE A TREE, MOVE A HOUSE". It's important to our company to recognize the eco-friendly aspect of house moving. In every building we move, we are essentially recycling wood and other raw materials that would have been needed to build anew.


   As a licensed, bonded, and insured company, Dinuba House Movers proudly provides its services to the Central Valley and surrounding areas. We offer free estimates for any job and we are ready to hear from you today!

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